pictou county women's resource              & sexual assault centre


What is the PCWRSAC?

Formerly known as the Pictou County Women's Centre, the centre was incorporated in 1976 as a not-for-profit community-based feminist collective.

The work of the centre is to offer support and advocacy to individual women, and to unite women with their communities and government in order to work towards equality for all women.

We believe that by working at the individual and collective levels, we can create the necessary changes that will offer women and girls a sense of empowerment, choice, and greater control over their lives. 

The centre is a non-judgemental place for women and adolescent girls to get support, advocacy, and information on a wide range of issues.

The centre has a long history of community development. We work in collaboration with our many community and government partners to initiate necessary services and programs in the community. 

As members of the Pictou County Sexual Assault Response Team, the centre plays a vital role in assisting sexual assault victims to access the resources they need.


As a non-profit organization, the PCWRSAC requires financial contributions from government, businesses, service clubs, and individuals to sustain their services and programs. The centre has charitable status and can issue a tax receipt for any donation over $10.


The PCWRSAC is open to all women, regardless of age, sexual orientation, background, race, or origin. We are non-judgemental and here to help.