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A 12-Week Employability Program for Women

A unique program designed for women in need of the tools and resources to assist them in today's job market, the Starting Point program focuses on group development, including Learning Style Identification, Group Dynamics, Working with Diversity, Conflict Resolution, Communication and Teamwork.


Life Skills and Personal Development

Importance of Self-Esteem

Anger, Time and Stress Management



Self-Care and Healthy Living

Managing Change

Values Identification

Goal Setting

Information Technology

Introduction to Basic Computer Components and Programs

Internet & Emailing

Word Processing Programs

Resume Posting &Uploading Resumes

Intro to Job Search

Labor Market Information Website

Literacy & Numeracy Improvement

Reading Comprehension, Grammar & Punctuation

Numeracy & Writing

Presentation skills

Employability & Career Planning

Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Mock Interviews

Informational Interviews

Transferable Skill Identification

Labor Market Information

Career Goals Identification


First Aid/CPR; WHMIS/OH&S; World Host; Food Handlers

Training Sessions

Peak Experiences (Team Building Workshop)

Personality Dimensions (Communication Workshop)

Self Defense

Virtues (Positive Interaction with Others)

Food Mentors (Healthy Eating)

Waste Management (Recycling Information)

Homophobia in the Workplace

Bully Free in the Workplace