pictou county women's resource              & sexual assault centre

The Pictou County Women's Resource and Sexual Assault Centre offers the following programs and services:

Individual Support Counselling and Crisis Intervention

Experienced staff, knowledgeable about women's lives, issues, and crisis situations provide one-to-one, confidential support. This service is crucial to early intervention, prevention, and long-term support.

Information and Referral

Some women need the services or support of other agencies. We know the services available, understand the “system”, and have working relationships with agencies and groups. We support women in finding the service that will best help them. We maintain a resource library offering books, videos, periodicals, articles, and other publications. Women and community agency professionals use this resource for self-education and information.

Individual Advocacy and Accompaniment

For some women, cultural issues, discrimination, fear, intimidation, and unfamiliarity with the “system” are roadblocks to getting the help they need. The centre works on a woman's behalf, and at her request, to move through the challenges in the system to get the answers and help she is seeking.


We develop and deliver programs to women of all ages based on the identified needs of women within our community.

Our core programs are: Self Esteem Programs for Adult Women and Adolescent Girls, and

Starting Point, our job readiness/re-entry program


As much as it is feasible, we provide an outreach program to communities that are a distance from the centre. This means that women and families isolated by travel distance and travel cost can still benefit.

Community Education

Presentations and workshops are key to prevention, education, and public awareness on women's equality. These are provided to schools, community colleges, service clubs, professional associations, businesses, church groups, and others on request.

Community Development Initiatives and Networks

The centre works with women, community, and government organizations to mobilize skills and resources to address identified community issues. This leads to the development new community initiatives and networks that will enabled women to achieve social and economic independence.